Catty Bitches.

A male friend stopped talking to me because I got a boyfriend “I ditched him for” I was okay with that until a female friend of his, whom I’ve always had problems with, made up the lie that my boyfriend and I were planning on beating him up, when that’s not true at all, and we never said anything like that about him, well he started IMing my boyfriend on Facebook, and telling him that no one likes him, and that he’s a complete loser who needs to die. I told him to leave my boyfriend alone and he tells me to stfu and die, then the girl I have problems with gets into this and i tell her to f off, she tells me to f my boyfriend, i tell her to f the boy who started this, and she threatened to punch me. well she never did, i called her out for chickening out, she has her mom call me, and make me promise to leave her alone, after i get off the phone, she texts me saying “fail” and i reply, saying sorry for everything i’ve done, a few hours later, a friend shows up in his car to pick me up, she’s in the back seat, and says “don’t let that bitch in or else”. how do i handle this? i’m trying to mature and not talk to her, but she continues to bother me. please help…she’s really starting to get to me.

Girls are so catty sometimes. Seriously, this girl sounds like an insecure bitch. She wouldn’t have said those things and gotten involved at all if she didn’t feel threatened by you in some way. You are doing the right thing by not talking to her. Another piece of advice? Be very careful about who you talk to about this chick. You don’t want to be caught saying something that she could use against you. This girl seems like she has serious insecurity problems [yes, I know I said that before] and clearly she has nothing better to do than spread rumors about you and get you involved in this whole pile of shennanigans. The best advice I have to give is to stay strong. This bitch will back down if she feels like you’re not affected by her maliciousness. She is looking for a reaction out of you, and if you don’t give her one, she will get bored very fast. I’m confident this will work itself out, girls at this age can be sickeningly terrible, and I’m truly sorry this person is in your life. Karma will come back to bite her in the end, I can promise you that!!

Stay strong,


Go to sleep happy tonight!!

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